Hi, I'm Marcel.

"Not only is any sufficiently advanced technology indistinguishable from magic; any sufficiently advanced technologist seems like a magician." – from Becoming a magician, by Autotranslucence

I am Marcel Samyn, an AI Consultant and Educator. While my deepest expertise lies in software engineering (I've been programming since I was 10), my true magic unfolds at the intersection of technology, communication, and human connection. Leveraging years of experience in theater, public speaking, and teaching, I've honed an unparalleled ability to distill complex, technical topics into easily digestible and transformative insights.

"We are humans, and humans are destined to do great things. We laugh, play, dance, create, invent, explore and love. We are not machines. We are not made to do the same thing over and over again. Let the machines be machines and let us be humans." – from my Conscious Technologist's Manifesto

But I am not just about the tech; I'm about the people behind it. Those who work with me don't just get a consultant; they get a deeply present partner committed to unearthing the hidden potential in their businesses and themselves. With every interaction, I aim to serve and add that touch of magic that makes life just a little more incredible.

My offerings extend beyond mere services—they are expressions of my deeper purpose to enlighten, enrich, and elevate. Whether through my 6-month AI Accelerator program, targeted Automation Assessments, or one-on-one consulting, my mission is to imbue your entrepreneurial journey with the strategic magic that can only arise from the intersection of deep understanding, technical know-how and the ability to communicate this.

BTW BE0682953739
Paalstraat 48, 1080 Sint-Jans-Molenbeek, Belgium


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