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I am Marcel Samyn.

Go crush it. With love.

Give it all you got. Connect from a place of deep love, work with passion and excellence, prioritize your well-being and don't forget to keep playing.


Who are you writing your goals for?

February 4, 2023
This incredible quote stopped me dead in my tracks just now as I was reading…

Obsidian For Beginners: How to Start Implementing Obsidian In Your Life

December 21, 2022
You've looked at Obsidian, or you've installed it and played around with it a bit.…

This Is What Will Save Our Cities

October 10, 2022 Chapter 1: The World I Want to Live In Cities are wonderful places filled…

How to Train Focus | Why Meditation Increases Your Productivity

September 21, 2022
Meditating is one of our core skills to thrive in the world of tomorrow and…

The Backbone of a Productive Workday: Super-Human Energy & World-Class Focus

August 25, 2022
If you can't focus and don't have energy levels that stay high throughout the workday…

Just-In-Time Planning: How to Fix Overwhelm Instantly

August 18, 2022
When you feel like you have to do a million things at once, and you…