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Flow-first operations

Build a system you can trust that runs the business, day in day out.

Empathy-first sales

Connect deeply with your customers, serve them more and skyrocket your revenue.

Empathy-first sales

How I scale online businesses, honestly
How to sell stuff online without feeling "dirty" Trust-first funnel graphic

I was making this face like when you eat a raw lemon.

Nose up, eyes squinting, chin contracted...then I hit the Publish button.

"This is how it's supposed to go, right??? Selling stuff online?"

I just tried to follow the tips. But I hated what I had made. I wished there was a better way.

Thing is, it wasn't the steps that were wrong...

The right mindset is what makes easy selling and happy customers

The Trust-First Funnel

Learn how to build a sales funnel that creates happier clients and doesn‘t leave you feeling dirty.

Start Learning

Trust & beauty matter.

A calm company isn't hurried to make a quick buck—instead, it deeply cares about serving first and doing it with excellence.

When you create trust first, you change more lives and create more raving fans.

High-level diagram of the process where we define your messaging so we can build the best funnel universes.

From company vision to CTA.

It makes a profound difference when your entire business is aligned.

That's why the best marketing starts with defining your vision, cause and key messages.

The trust-first funnel, an example of a high performing sales funnel for mid-tier products

Complete funnel universes.

Gorgeous landing pages, story-driven email sequences and a relentless focus on serving your customers.

It takes a village to make an impact on the world. I'll help you with every little piece.

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Common Questions

Get a better understanding of the Calm Company

What is The Calm Company?

The Calm Company is a consulting and educational service designed to help businesses systematize, automate, and improve their communication for better efficiency and reduced stress.

How does building systems in my business help?

Building systems adds a layer of abstraction in your business, allowing you to replace manual tasks with automated processes and enabling employees to focus on higher-level work.

What are some core principles of The Calm Company?

Core principles include prioritizing deep work, efficient communication, clear documentation, and strategic automation.

How can The Calm Company improve my business operations?

We provide tools and strategies for streamlining operations, automating routine tasks, enhancing team efficiency, and improving decision-making.

How can I optimize my calendar for deep work?

Identify your peak productivity times, schedule deep work sessions first, and build your sleep and daily routine around these periods. Use tools like the Motion app to stay organized and set rituals to enhance focus.

What are the benefits of asynchronous communication?

Async communication reduces the need for constant availability, minimizes context switching, and allows for more thoughtful and clear communication. It also helps prevent burnout and promotes deep work.

What is the default mode for the brain and why is it important?

The default mode is a state where the mind is free to wander and daydream, which is crucial for creativity and generating new ideas. Stepping away from constant inputs allows for this mental state.

How can automation enhance personalization in my business?

Automation frees up time and resources, allowing you to focus more on personalized customer experiences and creative endeavors, enhancing the human touch in your business.

What is the concept of business ecosystem health?

Viewing your business as an ecosystem emphasizes balance, sustainability, and adaptability, promoting long-term health and growth.

What are some common vehicle limiting beliefs about The Calm Company?

Beliefs such as 'systems are too complex,' 'unsuitable for small businesses,' or 'too resource-intensive' are common but can be addressed through tailored solutions and clear communication of benefits.

What are internal limiting beliefs related to systematizing my business?

Self-doubt, overwhelm, fear of failure, and resistance to change are common internal beliefs that can be overcome with proper guidance and support.

What is intentional inaction and how can it be a strategy?

Intentional inaction involves strategically choosing not to engage in every task or decision, allowing systems to handle routine operations and freeing you to focus on high-impact activities.

How do I start implementing The Calm Company principles?

Begin with a consultation to discuss your specific needs, access educational content and resources, and engage in a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

What are some actionable steps for getting started with The Calm Company?

Schedule a consultation, access mini-courses or trials, join community groups, and start implementing quick wins like creating an Issue List and automating routine tasks.
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