The Ultimate Morning: How to Win Every Day

I see the morning as being the foundation of my day. If I mess it up, I feel tired, I’m distracted and get pissed too easily. It’s not fun. So, feel miserable about waking up? Need six hours to get out of your drowsiness? Tired and get nothing done during the day? Let me show you how I fixed it. The first moments after you open your eyes are the most important.

Why the Foundation of a Successful Life is Building a Leverage Stack

To become massively successful, you need to give massive value to the world. But if you think you can do that by hustling and grinding day and night, I’m sorry to say, you’re wrong. You see, playing with time is an inherently losing game: we all have only 24 hours a day—actually a lot less when you factor in that you need quality sleep, downtime and time to reward yourself.