Why the Foundation of a Successful Life is Building a Leverage Stack

To become massively successful, you need to give massive value to the world. But if you think you can do that by hustling and grinding day and night, I’m sorry to say, you’re wrong. You see, playing with time is an inherently losing game: we all have only 24 hours a day—actually a lot less when you factor in that you need quality sleep, downtime and time to reward yourself.

Reward Yourself

You saw some inspirational video on YouTube or talked to someone that challenged you and now you’re on fire. You work all day, get more done than you did the entire week and go to bed as a proud human. The next day it’s all back to how it was before. How? Why? What happened? I mean, you know it’s physically possible to kick ass—so why don’t you? These moments of inspiration are great because they can kickstart us into a new project, a different idea of maybe just back in the right direction.

The Automators' Manifesto

We are humans, and humans are destined to do great things. We laugh, play, dance, create, invent, explore and love. We are not machines. We are not made to do the same thing over and over again. Let the machines be machines and let us be humans. This is what we stand for. We Embrace Technology and Make It Work for Us Technology is beautiful. It grows exponentially and using it makes us grow just as fast.