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Discover The 7 Steps to Unlock ChatGPT's True Potential

Shortcut your way to creative writing, unique content and long-form tasks with the experts’ secrets for incredible prompts.


“No! I told you to ANSWER MY QUESTION!”

Working with ChatGPT can sometimes be extremely frustrating.

Sometimes it just spits out pure gold, otherwise it’s 💩 and no matter how hard you try to tweak it, it just stays that way.

Maybe you’re just wasting more time on trying
and again…
than it would take for you to actually do it yourself.

Or once you’ve actually gotten a good result, three minutes later it seems like it’s forgotten everything.

Imagine you had a superpower: you could reach out and take anything you ever wanted…except you’re blind. Would that really be a useful power?

You see, if you don’t know the right way to use this incredible tool, you’re just grappling in the dark.

100% money-back guarantee

Thank you Marcel for creating & sharing this. I did not know that you can just use to open chatgpt.
I end up spending an hour on lol it is a great side with lots of prompts.
I am creating a set of prompts for career development fro developers and I found two that I can customize for my need.
Thank you again, I finished your guide 🙂

Vinod SharmaCareer growth mentor

Soooooooo good!!!!(!!)😯💥

Tales Reis Alves

I love it so helpful !
Where can I write a testimonal

Cassidy Amber ChapmanHolistic health and life coach

Hi. I'm Marcel.

As a computer science engineer, I understand ChatGPT and other tools like it from the inside out.

I’ve used it since day 1—at work, for personal life, for my side hustle. I got obsessed with it from even before ChatGPT was released! GPT-3 was already an incredible tool, but ChatGPT lifted it to the next level.

Throughout the months I’ve tried and tweaked precisely how I asked ChatGPT for help. And I’ve found out that if you know how to, your results become drastically better.

Today, ChatGPT is saving me countless hours of work and I’m no longer wasting time trying to get the response just right.

It just works.

  • The rabbit hole of trying over and over again is gone.
  • The outputs are more creative than ever.
  • It remembers everything I told it.

How To Prompt ChatGPT Like An Expert

Honestly, you can fix most of your frustrations with some small tweaks to your prompt (the question you ask).

In fact just one of these called “Chain-of-Thought reasoning,” has been shown to make it exponentially better at solving puzzles.

Here’s a graph from Google Research, where they tested PaLM (similar to GPT-3) with and without Chain-of-Thought:

You don’t need to be an AI expert to see these improvements. It’s just a matter of tweaking your input.

That’s just one of the 7 steps (and I’ve glossed over it very quickly here).

Imagine what you could do if you combined all of them together.

You’ll be unstoppable.
You’ll turn those pieces of 💩 into gold.
And I’ll be rooting for you every step of the way.

The Prompt Alchemy guide gives you the best of the best—my distilled knowledge from the beginning of ChatGPT (and before!)

It’s easy to read. You’ll get through it quickly. And then, you can get back to your day. Crushing it, with love.

Table of Contents

  1. Lift-Off Right Now: Quick Wins
  2. How To Ask What You Want: Specificity
  3. One Sentence For Radically Better Thinking: Chain-of-Thought Reasoning
  4. Role-Play Games: Get the right type of answer, every time
  5. Curing Alzheimer: Making ChatGPT Remember Again
  6. This Is My Gold: Multi-Shot Answers
  7. Did You Just Make A Mistake? Self-Reflection