Marcel Samyn

Theater: Litoziekla

Dec. 5, 2016

From age 12 to about 22, I was an active member of youth theater Litoziekla in Oudenaarde, Belgium. After acting there for about seven years, I switched roles to now start creating and organizing these plays with children younger than me.

These years were tremendous years of learning for me, where I got the chance to express myself creatively in a host of domains.

Graphic design

I did the graphic design for eight productions. This included A2-sized posters, A5-sized flyers and various sizes for sharing across social media.

The examples below were created between 2014 and 2018.


I photographed basically all our activities. Below some photos from productions:


I produced some small video’s for the group, including our main “commercial:”

Web Design & Development

I set up our website (WordPress) and developed a custom ticket reservation system, that integrates with Salesforce, where our public can pay online. It’s written in Angular and is focused on a seamless user experience so people experience the least amount of friction as possible when placing a reservation.


Right when I became part of the “management,” the organization of our group was a bit of a mess. I brought in some structure by thinking out some processes, focusing on repeatability and starting to use G Suite for everyone.